Credit and Convertible Bonds

The investment objective of SCOR Investment Partners credit and convertible bond funds is to achieve a performance greater or equal to their respective benchmark.

Bond selection lies at the heart of the investment process. Investment decisions are based on a mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches together with extensive credit analysis. Credit analysts are fully integrated to the investment team to ensure strong involvement to performance.


  • Team with more than 17 years of credit market experience 
  • Strong historical performances


Credit and Convertible funds:

Name ISIN code Value Date NAV AuM Performance YTD Benchmark
SCOR Sustainable Euro High Yield FR0010853556 04/05/2021 1981.67 EUR 554 M 2.04% Bloomberg Barclays Euro High Yield 3% Issuer Constraint index ex Financial TR Unhedged
SCOR Convertible Europe FR0011368430 04/05/2021 1379.71 EUR 217 M 0.00% EXANE ECI Europe
SCOR FUNDS - Europe High Yield LU1497740842 04/05/2021 1136.39 EUR 154 M 1.84% Bloomberg Barclays Pan Europe HY 2.5% Iss Constr x Fin TR Index Hedged EUR
SCOR FUNDS - Euro Short Term Duration High Yield LU1497739240 04/05/2021 1036.89 EUR 52 M 0.82% N/A