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News 13 February 2024

Spotlight on SCORLUX SICAV-RAIF - Infrastructure Loans IV

Infrastructure debt offers strong features, among them:
- Infrastructure debt has limited direct impact from the economic cycle with low correlation to traditional asset classes
- Debt payments are based on stable and predictable cash-flows protected against inflation

...and thrives in a favorable environment:
- The European Infrastructure market seeks significant investment to support the energy and digital transition, and offers strong opportunities over a wide range of sectors contributing to feed a significant project pipeline
- Spreads (complexity premium) are at historical highs in the asset class

With SCORLUX SICAV-RAIF – Infrastructure Loans IV, our fourth vintage of senior infrastructure debt benefiting from an investment from day one, your subscription is quickly called at 100%.

This is a marketing communication. Information provided is intended for professional investors. Please refer to the fund prospectus before making any final investment decision.