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SCOR Investment Partners is a portfolio management company regulated by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) and fully owned by the SCOR Group. In line with best governance practices, the roles of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer are splitted.

The Board of directors

SCOR Investment Partners’ Board of Directors is chaired by the Group Chief Financial Officer and Deputy CEO of SCOR, François de Varenne, and is composed of SCOR representatives: Sylvie Hulin as Deputy Chairman of the Board of directors alonside Vincent Foucart, Maï Novello and Yves Goldschild.

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The Executive committee

SCOR Investment Partners’ business is run by its Chief Executive Officer, Louis Bourrousse, assisted by an executive committee which brings together: Benjamin Ayache (Chief Operating Officer), Alexandre Jaeglé (Head of Business Development), Thibaut Lameyse (General Secretary), Marie-Suzanne Mazelier (Chief Investment Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer) and Eric Talleux (Chief Risk Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer).

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