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High yield bonds

SCOR Investment Partners: responsible investor in the European High Yield bond market

Since our inception, we have been a committed player in high yield bond management and have developed a recognized expertise, proven in different market cycles.  

Our investment universe includes high-yield bonds  (excluding financials) denominated in euros. The generation of regular and recurring returns over the long term is at the heart of our investment philosophy.

The investment process combines a top-down approach with a bottom-up approach. The top-down approach aims to define our positioning relative to our investment universe and our sector allocation. As issuer selection is key to managing default risk, our bottom-up approach is based on a fundamental credit analysis integrating sustainability issues. All our portfolios are long-only and exclude credit derivatives.

Key data

EUR 1 bn of assets under management (AUM)

  • • dynamic beta management
  • • active management of the allocation to sectors and rating categories
  • • prevalence of defensive sectors​ with strong cash flow predictability

100% ESG rating for flagship funds*

  • • strict exclusions policy
  • • a proprietary rating methodology
  • • stricter environmental requirements in certain energy-intensive sectors

14 years of history

  • • an approach that has proven its resilience during market shocks
  • • a team of analysts specialized by sector and reporting to the portfolio managers
  • • holistic risk management, at every stage of the investment

Data as of 31.12.2023

*For SCOR FUNDS - ESG Euro Short Term Duration High Yield and SCOR Sustainable Euro High Yield funds

Investing involves risk. Please refer to the fund's prospectus for the comprehensive list of associated risks.