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Facilities made available to investors in accordance with Article 92 of Directive 2009/65/EC

According to Article 92 of the UCITS Directive, as amended by Directive 2019/1160, the facilities tasks are as follows:


a. Process subscription, repurchase and redemption orders and make other payments to investors relating to the units/shares/bonds of the Fund, in accordance with the conditions set out in the Prospectus and the Key Information Documents, when applicable;


b. Provide investors with information on how orders referred to in point a. can be made and how repurchase and redemption proceeds are paid.


c. Facilitate the handling of information and access to procedures and arrangements referred to in Article 15 of the UCITS Directive relating to the investors' exercise of their rights arising from their investment in the Fund in the Member State where the Management Company is licensed;


d. Make the information and documents required pursuant to Chapter IX of the UCITS Directive available to investors under the conditions laid down in Article 94 of the UCITS Directive, for the purposes of inspection and obtaining copies thereof;


e. Provide investors with information relevant to the tasks that the Facilities Agent performs in a durable medium;


f. Act as a contact point for communicating with the competent authorities.


The Management Company has appointed the facilities agents for the tasks listed a) and b) above in Article 92 of the UCITS Directive, as amended by Directive 2019/1160, and it has agreed to provide such facilities at its offices set out in the Q&A attached herein.